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As everyone is tired to know about, it's being really though to find a job. But anything can't stop us, right? We have to make our own happiness and I work on mine every second of my life.

For those who follow me, you know how much I love to share experiences, to learn different things and to be inspired. Interviews seems to be a good place to be when we want to know a little more about someone that are of the utmost importance for us, but that are distant in some way.

I already have some experience with it, through my innerview series on designing dreams. And now, I'll take the next step: bringing the concept of interview a little farther, a little deeper. Milan Kundera, in one of his books (The Art of the Novel), said something like "an interview is a dialogue". I couldn't agree more. Interviews tell a story and stories live in the space of imagination. No limits, just freedom.

Come to meet my new child, words in hues:

words in hues by BlackLuna

Words in hues wants to interview common people with uncommon stories. Whom transpire emotion, life and energy. People that didn't resign to a space, a mindsetting, a status or situation. People who fought, who changed, that went against all expectations and won.

Words in hues ambitions everyone to follow their dreams, to live their passions and to grab their happiness. That they stop to sit down on their couch waiting an opportunitty to come out, or to walk without a direction expecting a surprising "hello", somewhere in the way.

Words in hues knows that anyone, right now, can write their objectives in the moon and create a spaceship to go there and conquer them. Sometimes we lack will, motivation, confidence, the know-how. Sometimes the excuses, or what other people say or even the distance of our goals, puzzle us, blur our vision. We're here to help you on that. But remember that you already have the tools, just try to use them.

So... Do you inspire or respire? Do you follow or are followed? Do you dream or do you conquer?

If you have a story to tell, please share it with us ( We also accept new ideas and donations. Thank you for joining us!

For more information, just send me a note or leave a comment!

Thank you so much for reading me, go ahead and share this with your friends. :blowkiss:

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